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27 July 2018

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Schools Reprioritise Careers


In December 2017, The Department for Education released the Careers Strategy for all schools which outlined a framework; The Gatsby Career Benchmarks - a world-class standard for schools and colleges. Since its release, it has become an integral part of schools and colleges career provisions.


There are 8 Gatsby Benchmarks that include career guidance. Several of the Benchmarks require schools to link young people to the world of work, aiming to put employers at the heart of careers.


Cath Longhurst CEO Basingstoke Consortium and EBP South said: ‘The Benchmarks echo the services provided by Basingstoke Consortium and EBP South to schools and colleges across Hampshire. It is important that young people are inspired by businesses into different careers, to allow them to make informed decisions about career paths to ensure they are choosing the right subjects and gaining the skills needed by industries."


"For over 20 years we have provided a one-point of contact for businesses to be able to work with schools in the community by providing established programmes giving them the support to pro-actively invest in their future pipeline and community."


The Careers Strategy also outlines a range of initiatives including the Enterprise Adviser Network, by the Careers and Enterprise Company. Basingstoke Consortium is delivering the Enterprise Adviser Network in partnership with SATRO under the Enterprise M3. This is a volunteer role for a business person to support linking a schools' career strategy to the world of work. 


With the increase in demand from schools, now is a well-placed time for businesses play their part in supporting young people's futures.


By business and employees volunteering through organisations like Basingstoke Consortium, there is already a structure and programmes they can support on. In addition, it gives them one-point of contact and the ability to work multiple schools in the area.


Businesses of all sizes and employees are encouraged to support young people with an opportunity to engage with employers. It can be from providing experience of workplaces (work experience, site visits, etc.) to attending careers inspiration events (mock interviews, interactive careers fairs, etc.).


For more information about working with schools in Hampshire contact Basingstoke Consortium


For more information contact Lindsey McHugh, EBP South Digital Marketing Officer on 07850051202 or lmchugh@ebpsouth.co.uk


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