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Local Growth Hub supported business breaking the healthcare access barriers

Consentricare is an innovative health technology business based in Frimley whose mission is to solve existing heath care needs with technology solutions.

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Michael O'Dwyer of Enterprise M3 provided us with a mixture of sounding board and devil's advocate, helping to keep us grounded and focused upon what really matters.

Bill Palmer, Consentricare

Consentricare is an innovative health technology business based in Frimley whose mission is to solve existing heath care needs with technology solutions.

Forming the company in 2017, directors founders Bill, John and Danny had experienced their own issues with elder-care for older relatives. They saw first-hand how messy the eldercare ecosystem is and how often the relied upon interface between NHS and Adult Social Care is broken and decided to do something to help those trying to understand and organise care for their elderly loved ones, and frequently care will involve more than two services. Together with CTO Danny, the two founders created their first mobile app, CareHound.

Getting involved

Consentricare were introduced to the Growth Hub by the Surrey Heath Economic Development team. The Growth Hub immediately who recognised the company's strong growth potential and identified the business as within one of the Growth Hub's key priority sectors.

The Enterprise M3 Growth Hub are fully funded to offer free business support to high growth businesses working in priority sectors who are based in the corridor covering the M3 Motorway.

Consentricare were able to access bespoke support from Growth Champion Mike O'Dwyer, who is experienced in creating and building both healthcare and technology-based businesses, and perfect for supporting a company of Consentricare's field potential to increase their business growth.


The Growth Hub developed a bespoke Growth Plan for Consentricare's plans and supported them along every step of the way. Working with the directors, Growth Champion Mike analysed their business plans, their key sales targets and demographics, and suggested ways to streamline their path to achieving their objectives.

Eldercare and more

Consentricare initially created an app to unpuzzle the elder care and adult social care world to help support relatives or carers, enabling users of the app to be connected to resources and information for whatever their need, easing facilitating easier the access to required much needed products and services.


Consentricare benefited significantly from the counsel provided by Michael O'Dwyer of Enterprise M3; it is all too easy to lose sight of the big picture when you are trying to get a start-up off the ground and Michael played a part in keeping our heads up and our focus upon defining strategies that would achieve our overall objectives.

Bill Palmer - Consentricare

Their app, Carehound, is live now on the mobile Apple and Android app stores. The free app connects to national and local services, public and private services, with users being connected to a wealth of information and services providers from dog walkers and builders to financial advisers, chemists, to local authorities, GP surgeries and more hospitals.

In addition to the app itself, they have also released on Amazon the Carehound Companion book, which mirrors the content on the app but is aimed at the cared for rather than the carer and involves them directly in the process of organising their own support and care, and can be left in the home of the cared for so they can access services themselves.

Since launching Carehound of the app and book, Consentricare have taken the technical underpinning capabilities of Carehound their original app and built created Houndation Suite, a family of apps and a suite of content management and analytics tools on a robust app platform. ready to package for other applications needed by the SME market The Houndation Suite App Family is targeted at medium to large enterprises to help them better engage with and support their staff. Most recently they've just built deployed a new app for staff well being to nearly a thousand employees working for a multi billion-pound construction company. Today Consentricare continues to deliver in line with its founding ethos "We help you care".

The companion book helps with how to talk to others about the situation and what language and terms to use when talking to the service providers and how, if you're not used to doing it, you can structure your thoughts and needs to get the help you need.

ConsentricCare's positive experience of the free Growth Service has helped them focus through launch and beyond, and their in-depth strategy consultation has grown their level of focus, enabling them to achieve their objectives.

For more information about Consentricare, see their website http://www.consentri.care/

I would just like to add that he is a huge asset to the Hub. He expects nothing and gives everything

Bill Palmer - Consentricare

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