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Open to Export Discuss Brexit Strategy

With the chance to win £3000 and more prizes in their competition, Open to Export encourage you to start planning now and take your next steps towards becoming successful exporters.

We at Open to Export run monthly webinars covering all the key aspects of exporting and when we covered the elephant in the room for 2017 yes, Brexit the thing that really came across was the importance of planning for the different potential outcomes of it.

Preparing for and researching potential new tariffs and quotas, reviewing supply chain needs and costs, and ensuring you have the necessary internal skills for things like export documentation, incoterms and letters of credit, were all among the 12 key aspects of trade that UK exporters will need to stay on top of following Brexit.

Creating a plan or strategy that accounts for the myriad aspects of international trade is key for any exporter at any time. This will only become more important when Brexit hits as the number of goods crossing the UK border classed as exports or imports could grow from 90 million to 300 million. Leaving the customs union, put simply, could be a massive game-changer when it comes to exporting goods out of the UK.

Our Export Action Plan tool is one way of creating this plan as it asks you structured questions and gives you a practical roadmap towards having a strategy that covers all the different aspects of exporting.

It's easy to use, only takes a few hours, and you could win £3000 towards your export plans if you enter the competition we're running this autumn, the deadline for which is 29th September.

By completing the tool you're able to generate a comprehensive .pdf report that you can then take to your bank, trade adviser, or even your board, in order to take your next steps towards becoming a fully-fledged exporter.

When companies ask us what they need to do in order to start selling overseas, the answer we give is always to plan and do proper research. From selecting a market to delivery and documentation there's a lot you need to know about and get right if you want to start selling overseas in an organised, systematized and profitable way.

If you neglect to cover all the different aspects of exporting, the consequences can be severe for your business. We get several enquiries in every month from businesses that have had their goods held up by customs, who haven't been paid in time and in full, or by companies who just haven't been able to reach the international audience they thought they would be able to.

The best way to overcome these costly issues is to be proactive and to plan for them from the off. Never has this been more important than in this current era in which the trading landscape for UK businesses is so vulnerable to change.

With the chance to win £3000 and more prizes in our competition, we encourage you to start planning now and take your next steps towards become successful exporters.

Start your Export Action Plan today > http://opentoexport.com/info/export-action-plan-competition/

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