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17 February 2021

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Blockchain opportunities for SMEs in healthcare, agrofood, logistics and supply chains

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are rapidly reshaping how society can benefit from digitalisation. At Blockstart, we understand that SMEs require assistance with the implementation of new technology, often because they lack the investment capacity or the tools to benefit from it. SMEs in healthcare, agrofood, logistics or supply chains are invited to join Blockstart's free training programme, which is tailored to provide its applicants with a learning platform as well as the opportunity for implementing tested blockchain solutions such as smart contracts, medical e-records and combined food databases. If you are an SME active in healthcare, agrofood, logistics or supply chains and are interested in joining the programme, please follow the link below to apply, or contact us at collaborate@surrey.ac.uk




    € 2.96 m


    € 4.94 m



    • Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
    • Medicen Paris Region
    • East Netherlands Development Agency

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Project Summary

European SMEs are all facing similar hurdles when it comes to digital skills and the adoption of new technologies. Many do not have the resources to invest in research and development. So how can they make the most of blockchain technology? That's where the Blockstart SME Training Programme comes in.

It's a free training programme to increase awareness and understanding of how blockchain technologies will impact your sector and business. The programme is tailored to each participant's needs. You can select from a wide range of options - including training sessions, workshops, and webinars - and discover the potential impact of blockchain with the support of the Blockstart partners and our network of transnational experts!

Why blockchain for SMEs?

Upcoming technology

Not yet understood by many SMEs

SMEs are vulnerable to risks

In delayed invoices, cash flow, data security and error in data etc.

Don't have the capacity to invest

Many do not have the resources to invest in research and development

Huge potential can cut costs and risks by:

  • Tracking shipment across (many) different organisations
  • Sharing sensitive (medical) data between partners
  • Assuring quality, safety and origin of food

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