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Case study

Karus Therapeutics: Finding a cure


Case study

Developer of new medicines that have breakthrough potential in treating inflammatory disease and cancer.



June 2005: seed £0.75m

June 2007: first round post-seed £0.85m

Dec 2008: second round post-seed £1.08m

April 2010 October 2012: series of smaller rounds £2.08m

June 2012: Series B investment, First Tranche £4.85m full amount not disclosed.

Total raised so far: £9.6m plus undisclosed tranches of the Series B

"We were based at SETsquared for several years. It was an excellent, cost-effective environment to develop the company. Having people around from SETsquared to call on for advice and assistance was terrifically helpful."

"We took part in the SETsquared investor readiness programme, which helped us to secure investments,

and also put us directly in contact with angel investment groups."

"Through SETsquared, we took part in the Connect programme with the University of California.SETsquared provided a mentor to help us prepare, and to manage the relationships we built."

"We also participated in the Investment Showcase. This brought us into contact with potential investors, and helped us understand what they were looking for."

"Our large Series B investment wasn't out of the blue: building blocks had been created over many years, a number which were due to SETsquared's help."

Simon Kerry, CEO, Karus Therapeutics

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SETsquared's support and investor readiness programme had a tremendous impact on our ability to raise our investment in 2008. If we hadn't raised that money, the company would have disappeared.

Simon Kerry, CEO, Karus Therapeutics

Fast Facts

Start date: 2005

Website: www.karustherapeutics.com

Market sector: pharmaceuticals

Location: Oxfordshire

Investment raised: £9.6m

Number of employees: 15

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