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Client Testimonials

A selection of the feedback we've received from Growth Service clients.

The Growth Service is helping businesses across the M3 corridor to propel their growth and increase their business. Our free consultation from a team of specialists who are experts in their fields, with a wealth of experience is incredibly valuable. 

If you'd like to find out more about the service offered, please visit our Growth Service page.

Here is a selection of the feedback we've received from our clients.

"Neville has mentored us as part of the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub project over the last few months. Having run PR and marketing consultancy The View for 10 years I was keen to look at fresh perspectives and ideas. Together we've explored so many different aspects of running the business and feel stronger and fitter because of it. Neville's blend of marketing, learning and development and good old sales advice is unique and his wisdom and wit has been invaluable." Sue Skeats, Managing Partner, The View​
As an entrepreneur working predominately alone, one of my greatest difficulties is finding a trustworthy and experienced sounding board when big decisions need to be made. My business is at a fairly critical point in my growth plan and having had Michael O'Dwyer on hand to not only listen to me talk through a lot of fairly vital choices for business development, but to also offer support and guidance has been incredibly valuable. Michael's expertise have enabled me to form more strategic decisions having considered options that I may not have foreseen independently. The superb source of information, contacts and advice provided by the Growth Hub have undoubtedly contributed towards the success experienced this year. I am very grateful for the incredibly positive and enthusiastic approach Michael has taken towards assisting me to grow Zip Us In. Kate Bell - Zip Us In Ltd
I would like to say a big thank you to you for your valuable time this week. I was really appreciative of the free time you gave me and found the advise you provided was very useful. It has made me focus on the things which I need to work on and has given me fresh ideas for the future. Not everything in life is free, but your Growth Hub is and I will be recommending you to other businesses in the future. Mark Williams
We find our sessions enlightening, interesting and productive. We are very grateful to have you as a sounding board objective of course, but clearly also palpably positive in that you fully "get" what we are trying to achieve over the longer term, and this is highly motivational for us during such testing times Andy Ashcroft, Koolskools
Running a single business and then getting heavily involved in two more is massively time consuming and mentally tiring. Mike has helped me process information, given me direction and guidance and I now feel much more structured and in control Franky Law of Accrue Works and Lawmans
I thought the session with Jeannie Satchell was very helpful yesterday, and overall a very worthwhile exercise for us as NFBP members to have taken part in. It looks as though Jeannie will be arranging some really helpful follow-up of two days' coaching for Koolskools with their Sales and Marketing Growth Champion in the coming weeks, which will be a very good thing for us to do at this stage of sales growth.' Andy, Joint Executive Director of a New Forest Fairtrade clothing business
We are extremely grateful for all the help you have given us. As you know, when we first met you we were thinking that our company didn't have much of a future, that although we felt that a lot of what we were doing was right it just wasn't coming together. We had lost our enthusiasm and direction and were frustrated with the situation. Here we are now, 5 months on in our new premises, with much more active Twitter and Facebook, a new Instagram account, a growing mailing list and lots of ideas for the future. You have been great at facilitating ideas giving us confidence in ourselves and it has been fantastic for us to have some goals set by you that we need to achieve before the next meeting. We would thoroughly recommend any other small business struggling with any aspect of their business to contact The Growth Hub and if it's marketing that's an issue, Neville's your man!!" Growth Hub client in Hampshire
Mike provides me with direct straight talking feedback, he enables me to kick things around, use him as a sounding board, but above all he is attentive and keeps me focused. A pleasure to work with Rachel Oliver of Clockwork Recruitment
I wanted to place on record our experience dealing with Ian Martin and the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, based at Guildford.

We contacted the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub through Annie Le Voguer PA / Executive Assistant at the EM3 LEP in mid-August and were introduced to Growth Hub Champion; Ian Martin who contacted us immediately and then came to see us soon after we made initial contact.

Ian has been a huge help to our Business.

He has come across with measured, pragmatic and practical solutions from the very first conversation. He has, quite frankly, rescued us from a sinking ship, steered us through shark infested waters to a place where we now feel the land is in sight.

He particularly helped us with:

  • Reviewing the overall status of our business and deciding on the best course of action to improve it
  • Advising us on the best way to negotiate a smooth, rapid, cost free exit with our Landlord once we had decided to move from our premises at the time 
  • Helping us to restructure our business from retail to online and help us to transform and transition into a business that met our personal needs for the future 
  • Signposting us to a wide range of relevant support organisations and Partners and people able to provide additional help 
  • Providing both Personal and Business Coaching & Mentoring to help dramatically reduce financial stress, and develop a broad strategy for the future 
  • Continuing to provide ongoing valuable practical advice and supportHe also grasped our individual personalities skills and abilities very quickly and helped support us through some very vulnerable moments and help us to develop the self-confidence to be able to tackle the huge range of issues we both faced with greater focus and clarity

Thank you again, we couldn't have asked for a better service! Mark & Catherine, Elef Art Ltd

Video Testimonial from Telemetricor

Thanks for your time today‎ it's really good to have someone outside of the day to day running of the business to bounce all the issues off to get an uncluttered view Grant Walker of Carbonate Solutions
Thank you for your feedback and support over the last year; I have found it invaluable. I do feel as though the journey forward is slightly less daunting with the help of your insight and suggestions Martine Robins at HR Dept
THANK YOU so much for putting me forward for this, I admit I was not 100% sure it was suitable for me but wanted to go along anyway. What an amazing lady and totally turned upside my view of business.

Looking forward to the recommendations and help that she will choose for me.

Would highly recommend Jeannie to any business owner. Samia, Loki Pet Supplies​
"The great thing about any coaching is that it gives an opportunity to sound out a neutral observer, and accountability to have at least looked into if not implemented some of the items discussed before future meetings.

Neville has provided this and far more. Neville is a particularly good match for my company because he currently operates a learning / web company and has personal and consulting experience in several industries - thus has a wide and liberal perspective on how different business styles can operate. He is patient and encouraging and has raised or elaborated on some issues that I might have struggled with or was struggling with and needed clear starting points.

Although I have been in business for 27 years I have little experience in growing a business. I have some very clear branding ideas for my new business but it has been useful to be challenged on some of these. Because he comes from a bigger company background to mine( latter being small consultancy ) he has been invaluable helping with the need to think bigger and more structured than a microbusiness generally is and given my ambitions for "Burnout Doctor" this has been very valuable ." Sonia Hutton-Taylor​
In the short time we have been on the Growth Hub program, a tremendous amount has been achieved, much of it critical for Telemetricor Limited's survival particularly with regards to money.

I am enormously grateful for the support I have received from the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, and I am certain that it will play an important part in the success we may now enjoy Hugo Stride, Telemetricor Limited​
Neville Merritt and Jeanie have both been very supportive and professional. My time with my business coach Neville is particularly helpful. He has amount of knowledge and is very easy to work with. Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy
Very knowledgeable, supportive, able to provide pragmatic insight Keep doing what you are doing because its ideal for new businesses and those who are growing The HR Dept
As someone starting out with a new business, I found it invaluable to have Growth Champion. Aside from the brilliant advice, their enthusiasm and confidence really gives me the extra support to grow my business. I cannot recommend it enough!

I found the support invaluable as a new business owner. The Growth Service is really helping me to refine my brand and look at the wider opportunities out there, which I would have been unaware of. Siobhan H Photography
When I first approached Enterprise M3 I wasn't sure what to expect. After meeting Jeannie, I felt confident that she had understood my business and my areas for development. She put me in contact with Neville Merritt, and what a good match that has been.

Neville's blend of skills in sales and marketing, plus learning and development have been a valuable combination for our discussions. My primary gap in knowledge was marketing, and Neville's vast experience and ability to listen and ask poignant questions has allowed me not only to understand the marketing process, but implement it into my on-line business aswell as my face to face provision.

I have also found that my business coaching sessions with Neville have made me accountable for my actions, which for someone like me who craves variety, has really enabled me to follow through on key tasks pushing my business forward.

I'd like to thank Enterprise M3 for this great opportunity and would fully recommend it to everyone who is eligible to use this service. Nikie Forster, Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy
I have found Mike's input to be absolutely invaluable and his involvement has helped grow my business in a timely fashion with a well thought out strategy I would otherwise not have had. The Growth Hub has directly influenced my business decisions and each significant step of progress has been assisted by Mike O'Dwyer. James Dawes, Dawes Highway​
The time we have spent with Mark has been very good, Its great to have a sounding board that we can put forward a number of ideas that we've been debating internally on for sometime, so it's good to receive a bit of a reality check. It's great to tap into his knowledge and experience to receive relevant advice and funding recommendations. Fudge Animation Studios
Mel Redding is an exceptionally experienced business leader who was very quick to gain an understanding of our growth strategy, business focus and challenges. She connected us with a number of local companies, helping us to collaborate and growth. Mel helped us interact with other and we have some good opportunities developing. Without Mel we would continue to be reliant on a relatively limited network of partners and would not be able to take advantage of technology and business services. L-3 Communications ASA Ltd
Mike O'Dwyer has been absolutely fantastic. The growth hub has influenced my business decisions and has been assisted by Mike O'Dwyer. I am extremely grateful for the input I have received and have no criticism whatsoever. I had no prior business experience. I have found Mike's input to be absolutely invaluable and his involvement has helped grow my business with a well thought out strategy I would otherwise not have had. Dawes Highway
In addition to the introductions and sourcing of finance, Ian has also been a tremendous support to me personally in my role as director. His regular contact and willingness to share his wisdom has been a great comfort. His tactful handling of me has made what could have been a tricky adjustment an extremely enjoyable one. I am enormously grateful for the support I have received from the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, and I am certain that it will play an important part in the success we may now enjoy. Telemetricor Limited
What is the Growth Service?

If your business works within a priority or niche sector, there is a free personal service for you.

We have created a personal service connecting businesses with experts to help their growth plans.

This includes:
  • Dedicated Growth Champions who focus on supporting individual business's growth plans
  • Bespoke growth plans developed with businesses based on their unique requirements and circumstances
  • A trusted expert services network; the introduction of experts with a proven track record of delivering growth results with clients
  • A wide variety of expertise including: developing new markets; finding finance; innovation; product development and developing staff
  • Impact assessment; growth results really matter to businesses and to the local economy, so we are with businesses every step of the way to track progress.

Find out more about the Growth Service here , and Let's Talk Growth.
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